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Lulu Dos Sonhos

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  • Height: 
    Not known
  • Weight: 
    Not known
  • Aliases: 
    Lulu Bueno

Lulu Dos Sonhos (AKA Lulú Dos Sonhos, Lulu dos Sonhos, Lulu Bueno) is a gorgeous Brazilian porn starlet who made her first sex movie in 2002. This pretty-faced, luscious Latina stands 5'7" and weighs 121 pounds, her gorgeous body impossible not to stare at, particularly when she's buck naked and taking stiff cock on film. Boy oh boy, does Lulu love taking stiff cock on film!

To put it bluntly, this girl is a freak, down for whatever, whenever, as long as it results in mind-blowing, body-quaking orgasms. Some porn starlets ease into their roles, starting with simple stripteases before moving on to more hardcore action. Not Lulu, though. Nope, she was already doing double penetration and getting her face jizzed on during her first year in film. Check out Beijo Da Vampira, which also stars Mayara Rodrigues, to see precisely what I'm talking about. Taking it in the ass seemed to be one of her favorite things, doing anal in a number of her films like Insaciable Nymphs Obey Daddy with Keila Gatti. Though it wasn't as often as most of us would've liked, she shot a couple lesbian scenes, notably the one in Homem Nao Entra 4.

One of my biggest pet peeves about porn is when the actresses are clearly just playing for the camera, but Lulu doesn't even seem to notice it, getting lost in the building pleasure of fucking. Viewers will no doubt feel a similar sensation, dick in hand, lost in Lulu's on-screen sexual escapades.

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Lulu Dos Sonhos