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The Body

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  • Height: 
    Not known
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    Not known
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  • Aliases: 
    The Body XXX, The Bodyxxx
You've got to have some killer curves to be able to use The Body as your porn star name. This fine ass black girl is originally from Motor City, Detroit, Michigan. She loves dancing and has a pretty big selection of booty shaking videos on YouTube. Her ass is very distracting. While I was researching this chick, I ended up stuck on her ass for a good hour. I came twice and she wasn't even naked. The Body's thick body is heavily tattooed, including the words Baby and Phat on the backs of either thigh and a butterfly on her butt. Now, when I say butterfly on her butt, I'm not talking about a cutesy itty bitty butterfly. This tattoo covers both of her ass cheeks, a wing on each side, split down the middle by her butt crack. It's massive and when she twerks, the butterfly looks like it's wings are flapping. On her website, she does a lot of fetish body painting videos. She'll have an artist paint sports jerseys or random designs all over her before she gets dicked down. While she does mostly website work, she did get to star in the movie Big Butt Betty's 2 with the lovely Austin Taylor and the smoking hot vixen, Beauty Dior.
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The Body