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Taylor Swift

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  • Born: 
    December 13, 1989
  • Height: 
    Not known
  • Weight: 
    Not known
  • Sign: 
  • Measurements: 
If you’ve had a conversation with Taylor Swift that was meaningful to her, she’s probably written a song about it. This lanky blonde was born on December 13, 1989, in a small town in Pennsylvania. She was an extremely talented child and her parents took the risk of moving from their home state down to Nashville, Tennessee, so that she could pursue her dream of becoming a famous country star. She loves riding horses and won several awards when she competed in the sport. Even though she was young, Taylor realized that being talented wasn’t enough to make it in the music business. She also had to stand out from the other girls in the karaoke bars and be different enough to make people pay attention. Her songwriting skills are what set her apart from the rest of her ambitious peers, and Taylor used MySpace to generate an extremely loyal fan base. The New York Times and Rolling Stone have called Swift one of the greatest crossover stars of all time. She has performed duets on stage with singers like Justin Bieber and Katy Perry. At the 51st Grammy Awards, she performed a duet of her song Fifteen with Miley Cyrus (the two are friends and Taylor recorded a few songs for Miley’s Hannah Montana: The Movie soundtrack). Swift has scored herself dozens of award nominations and has taken home Grammys and MTV Video Music Awards by the handful. Taylor is a philanthropist who donates both her time and money to all sorts of different organizations, including those dedicated to ending discrimination against LGBT youth. Taylor promises to continue her career for the foreseeable future, and she always keeps it classy.
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Taylor Swift