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Sara Joy

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The massive titties of Sara Joy (AKA Babe, Sarah Joy) are second to none. She's a kinky German adult actress who was born on January 4, 1987. Her all-natural rack gets her plenty of attention, whether she is on a porno set or just walking down the street. She always has well-manicured hands, and her rock-hard nipples are often poking out through her bra. When it comes to sucking dick, this 5'7" hottie is a bit of a tease. She started filming movies when she was only 18 years old, so she has a coy look in her eyes that tricks you into thinking that she might be a bit more innocent than she actually is.

Sara stars with Angie Labelle and Jessica Night in her self-titled Magma feature, Sara Joy – Mein erster Fick. She is a trooper who is in her element when multiple cocks are in the room. She loves to jump from dick to dick, allowing her male co-stars to invade every hole available.

Though her content is top-notch, Sara was only in the industry for a short time, so there isn't that much of it to go around. It's really a shame, because I'm not sure that there is anything as sexy as her heavy hangers banging together while she's getting plowed from behind.

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Sara Joy
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