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Salma Hayek

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  • Born: 
    September 2, 1968
  • Height: 
    Not known
  • Weight: 
    Not known
  • Sign: 
Salma Hayek has always been on the prowl for a man with a set of balls big enough to match her feisty persona. She is a Mexican-American film actress who was born on September 2, 1968, in Coatzacoalcos, Mexico. Her father was a prominent businessman who often took his family on vacations to America. As a young child, she was extremely accomplished in gymnastics and was even recruited for the Olympics. Her father didn't let her go through with that ambitious undertaking because he felt that she was too young, but Salma knew that she was destined for bigger things than her small town could offer. Before her celebrity status was apparent in the States, she was a telenovela star in Mexico. She is always reinventing herself so that her fans never get bored with what she is doing. The movie Frida, which she struggled to produce, was nominated for a handful of awards, and Salma was nominated for Best Actress at the Academy Awards. Her big break came when she was cast in Robert Rodriguez's movie Desperado. In her first scene in that movie, she walks down the street in a flowing white outfit that shows off her belly. Because she is so gorgeous, a car crash happens behind her and she continues to walk. She works with Rodriguez again in his campy horror movie From Dusk Till Dawn, where she dances in a bikini with a massive white python draped around her. She also stars with Jennifer Lopez's ex-beau Ben Affleck in the Kevin Smith film Dogma. Salma gives back to the causes she supports at every turn, and she has done charity work with other star-powered celebrities like Beyonce. She continues to wow her fans on the silver screen and will surely be acting for many years to come.
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Salma Hayek