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Moana Pozzi

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    Linda Hevert, Margaux Jobert, Moana, Anna Moana Pozzi
Moana Pozzi (AKA Linda Hevert, Margaux Jobert, Moana, Anna Moana Pozzi) was a famous pornstar of the 80's and 90's. She was born in Genova, Italy on April 27, 1961 and died, reportedly of liver cancer, on September 15, 1994. While the shocking death of the 33 year old actress came as a surprise, she left a story and a legacy that is unforgettable. As a child, Moana lived all over the world, moving with her family from Canada to Brazil and then back to Europe, in France. The leggy blonde was 5 feet, 10 inches tall and was known all over the world. She starred with the Italian actress Cicciolina in Rise of the Roman Empress 2, and even got to share a box cover with Amber Lynn in Bottega del Piacere. Moana had an affair with the Prime Minister of Italy, and he secured her a job as the host of a children's television program in 1981. She also starred in her first adult feature that same year. A risk-taking innovator, Moana was a part of a live show called Curve Deliziose (Dangerous Curves) where she and a few other models masturbated on stage in front of an audience. A decade later, she wrote a tell-all book called Moana's Philosophy, where she rated the bedroom skills of 20 different celebrities that she had sex with, including Robert De Niro and Harvey Keitel. Moana was an advocate of sex worker's rights and she co-founded the Love Party of Italy. While no one under her party affiliation was elected, her celebrity status did allow her to bring attention to the causes that she believed in, such as the legalization of brothels.
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Moana Pozzi