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Mistress Kat

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If you're into hot babes with a bit of a mean streak, you're really going to love the clips of Mistress Kat. She has jet-black hair in a bulk of her films, but sometimes you'll catch her with a bit of red in her tresses. There is very rarely any sex in her clips. I don't want to say that it never happens, because there might be some kind of super secret sex tape out there, but in the professionally released clips shown to the public so far, it's just the Mistress and her bag of tricks ready to lay a firm hand down on the backside of her scene partner.

She stars with Nicole Sheridan and Skye Blue in the 2004 bondage flick, Desire of a Dominatrix 4. Mistress Kat did so well in that volume of the series, that they asked her back again for the 5th edition. At that point, she was all primed up and not even remotely nervous about the punishment she she was about to lay down on her prey.

Mistress Kat has been in over a dozen movies, and she continues to relese new content from time to time. With over 2 decades in the business under her belt, she's definitely not an amateur at this game.

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Mistress Kat