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Lolo Ferrari

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  • Born: 
    March 4, 1962
  • Height: 
    5 ft 4 in (163 cm)
  • Weight: 
    123 lbs (56 kg)
  • Hair: 
  • Ethnicity: 
  • Sign: 
  • Measurements: 
  • Years Active: 
    1995 to 1999 (Started around 33 years old)
  • Aliases: 
    Eve Valois
Lolo Ferrari (AKA: Eve Valois) is one of the most fondly remembered porn stars from the late '90s. She was born in Clermont-Ferrand, France, on March 4, 1962, and stands 5'4" tall. Her bleach-blonde hair and pouty lips are evidence that she transformed her body into one of the most desired women in porno. Lolo was not convinced that she was beautiful at all when she was growing up. Her father left her mother when Lolo was very young, and her mom took the loss out on her daughter. Ferrari has claimed on many occasions that her mother would often beat and punish her, telling her that she would never be loved by any man. When she became old enough to do so, she decided to prove her mother wrong and transform her entire body with plastic surgery. She was born with natural C cups, but was nearly obsessed with increasing her bust size. She ballooned up to D cups and finally F cups that can barely be contained in clothing. Her breasts eventually broke the Guinness Book of World Records and weighed in at 6 pounds apiece. Because of her massive tits and outgoing personality, her husband, who may not have had the best intentions, talked her into shooting pornography. Lolo stars in the 1995 film King de Ces Dames with Kelly Trump, and she has also filmed quite a few clips for her own website. Lolo's fast-paced lifestyle got the best of her on the night of March 5, 2000, when she was found dead in Grasse, France. The autopsy initially said that she had overdosed, but further investigation indicated that she actually suffocated. Her husband was arrested, charged and held in custody for over a year before he was eventually released. Lolo's life can be likened to the tragic story of bombshell blonde Anna Nicole Smith, who also left us far too soon.
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Lolo Ferrari