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Lindsay Lohan

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  • Born: 
    July 2, 1986
  • Height: 
    Not known
  • Weight: 
    Not known
  • Sign: 
  • Measurements: 
This next starlet might be a troubled party girl these days, but she'll always be sweet little LiLo to me. Lindsay Lohan was born in New York City on July 2, 1986. She started her career in entertainment as a child actor and has evolved into one of the most gossiped about celebrities of her generation. Much like Paris Hilton, her party girl lifestyle has landed her in trouble on more than a few occasions. Lohan has been to jail and rehab a number of times after being punished for her bad girl antics. With her freckled face and naturally red hair, she has been able to slide in and out of girl-next-door mode countless times in her career and private life. When the movie Mean Girls was released, Lindsay achieved a level of fame that she was probably not prepared for. The paparazzi started following her around the clock and blinding her with their flash bulbs just so that they could sell a picture of her in some kind of embarrassing situation. Those evil fucks have caused car accidents with their antics. Lindsay has released several albums, although her music career seemed to stall just as it was beginning. In 2011, she appeared in an issue of Playboy magazine where she channeled the energy of Marilyn Monroe. The photos were leaked online, and for the first time in history, Mr. Heffner decided to release the holiday edition of the mag early. Lindsay stars with everyone's favorite stunt cock, James Deen, in his mainstream debut The Canyons, where she also appears topless. While her name is always on everyone's lips, Lindsay hopes that in the future it will be for her acting abilities and not for her acting out.
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Lindsay Lohan