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Lacey Lanes

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Lacey Lanes is one hell of a brick house. She's a Black hottie who seriously knows how to work a dick. Her DDs are massive and fit her curvy BBW body like a glove. When her pussy is getting eaten, she gets all sorts of wet and sloppy, especially when her co-star hits the right spots. She moans like crazy and starts screaming for more when her orgasm starts building. This is one hot momma who knows exactly what she likes and isn't afraid to give instructions.

I've got to say that my favorite part of Lacey's bod has to be her nipples. When you're packing titties as large as Kandee Lixxx and Stacey Adams, you better believe that you're going to make quite a few dicks rock solid and ready to party. Lacey's nipples get as hard as diamonds and are suckable as fuck. When she's got her heavy hangers swinging in your face, there's nothing you can do but open your mouth and hope for the best. She's a rough rider who will spend a solid amount of time bouncing her thick thighs and bootie up and down on her co-star's cocks. You better watch out once she starts moaning though; if you don't duck, she's liable to squirt her cum all over you.

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  • Blane Bryant's BBBW 31 - scene 2 - Heatwave 29:37
    89%13,672 views
Lacey Lanes