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Jasmine Jade

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Jasmine Jade (AKA Juicy Jade) is a kinky Asian babe who is from Lauren Phoenix's hometown of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She's 5'3" with long hair that she colors to suit her mood. Sometimes she'll rock her natural dark locks, but sometimes she'll go crazy and color her tresses fire engine red, or any other color of the rainbow that she fancies. She has B cup titties, and over the years her measurements have fluctuated, but she's always curvy and usually has an hourglass figure. Her career in porno began as soon as she turned 18. She loves the rush that she gets when she strips off her clothes for strangers and gets fucked by her co-stars. Her pouty lips are every dick's dream, but this hot babe is really into the rough stuff.

German-born porn star Janessa Jordan gets spanked by Jasmine's well-trained hand in a scene for Girls Spanking Girls. She turns her plump booty pink and smacks her pussy lips until she's basically soaked with her own cum. Jasmine is so creative in the sack that there is no telling what she will do next. Every move she makes when she is fucking on film is one step closer to her orgasm, and that's just how we like it here at Keez!

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Jasmine Jade