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Howard Stern

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Howard Stern is the self-proclaimed "King of All Media." He hosted the most widely syndicated radio show of the '90s. He has written two books – one of which was turned into a blockbuster film with Howard as the star. He was born on January 12, 1954, in the Jackson Heights section of New York City. His father owned a recording company, and during childhood visits with his father, Howard would get to see great voice actors like Don Adams record parts of some of his favorite cartoon characters. This helped him realize that he wanted a comedic radio show by the time he was five years old. Howard studied at the School of Public Broadcasting at Boston College. He was the host of two shows on his college radio station, including a comedy show called The King Schmaltz Bagel Hour. After graduating, he worked at several radio stations as a DJ spinning records, until he saw an advertisement seeking a wild and wacky morning show host. This is where the Howard Stern that people know began his rise to stardom. Stern worked at radio stations in Hartford, Detroit, and Washington, D.C., before ending up back home in "The Big Apple." The raucous nature of his radio show has landed Stern in trouble with various radio bigwigs. His association with porn stars and various indecent acts have cost The Howard Stern Show more than $2.5 million in FCC fines. For example, he asked Jenna Jameson’s father to pick out her vagina from a set of photographs. His very first fine was for his on-air Christmas Party, which included such acts as a man playing piano with his penis, and a choir singing a song about gay sex to the tune of White Christmas. He has always been a huge supporter of the adult industry and often has porn stars, such as Canadian blonde beauty Shyla Stylez, as guests on his show.
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Howard Stern